Difference Between Facebook Profile Review and Facebook Tag Review

Facebook profile review and Facebook tag review is one of the privacy options of Facebook. It allows users to restrict or open some options of their profile. Lets find out the difference between profile review and tag review:

Facebook Profile (Timeline) Review:

Facebook Profile (Timeline) Review is another privacy option that allows users to approve or reject any post that have been tagged by others/friends before they go on to the Facebook Profile (Timeline). When Facebook Profile (Timeline) Review is turned on, posts may already be visible in other places in Facebook, but they will not be visible to your profile until you approve it.

Facebook Profile Review is more similar to Facebook Tag Review where it applies to your own posts, photos, videos etc. When you turned on Profile Review then if you have any posts to review, it will be visible to the pending Posts section of your profile. If you have upgraded to Facebook Timeline it will show up in your activity log.

Please keep in mind that even when Profile Review is off, if anyone who is not your friend in Facebook tags a posts, it requires your approval before they appear on your Facebook Profile (Timeline).

Facebook Tag Review:

In the Facebook Tag Review is one of the Privacy options that allows a user to approve or reject any Tags of photos or posts has been made by any friends. If the it is turned on, then if any friends add a Tag to a post or photos that tag will not appear in your profile until you approve it.

When the Tag Review is turned on, every time you will get a notifications when a Tag has made to your approval. It’s all on your hand which you going to approve or which one to reject. Another important things is – when you approve the Tag, the person tagged and their friends can see your post.

When Facebook Tag Review is off, It will not be needed to approve or reject a Tags friends add to your content before they appear on Facebook. When any person who is not in your friend list adds a tag to one of your posts you’ll always be asked to review it.

If anyone is very much concern about your Facebook Security then Facebook Tag Review should be turned on. This can decrease the risk of your Facebook account in some way.