There are another two rubber feet located on top of the optical bay that also dampen vibrations. Vibration-absorbing drive cage, volume control. Samsung and Qualcomm phone prototypes tease our 5G future But you still have to wait for the real thing. Antec Fusion Remote Black. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

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Antec Fusion Remote Black.

Antec VERIS Fusion Black 430 – desktop – micro ATX

Again, this should not be an issue for anyone in the future. They have a number of great computer cases and power supplies, as well as many other products.

While slightly large for some entertainment centers, the Fusion does a very good job fusio a quiet HTPC for the livingroom. TV and Movies by Joan E. The box from Antec came in nice sturdy packaging. It is padded on every side. It took me a bit of tweaking to find a comfortable setup of enough brightness to be able to read it from any distance but not too much brightness that blsck background would overpower the text.

One of the features that I really like about the Antec Fusion is the ability to turn on the computer via the remote. I will also note that while not officially supported by Antec or Soundgraph, the Linux community has shown some good talent again in reverse engineering the LCD protocol and created some Linux drivers that, while still in development, work very well.

Antec gets very good marks here. Antec Fusion Remote Black – Packaging. The second chassis is the Antec Fusion Remote Black, which also comes with an aluminum front bezel — this time anodized in black.


Even with my noisy old 5GB hard drive yes you read that right, 5GB, not 50GB, not GBonce everything was installed and the lid was in place it was smooth quiet sailing for me.

The power rail specs on the PSU are as follows:. We give away MediaPortal for free but hosting and software is not for us.

Antec VERIS Fusion Black – desktop – micro ATX Overview – CNET

In order to add or remove a drive, eight screws need to be removed from the top of the case, and blaci used, four screws need to be removed from the bottom of the case, assuming both drives are used.

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On the right side of the case is where you will find the main cooling, two mm fans. It does not recognize other formats such as the RC5 codes used by my Hauppauge remote. I will go into more detail on the cooling scheme later, but for now I will say that both fan locations came populated with Antec TriCool fans that work well.

This can be an issue if using the case in an entertainment center. Internal Fall Campaign Wellness. You still get the same number of ports on the front. Today on the bench, I am going to explore the Antec Fusion The bottom has venting for the hard drive chamber. The problem with this setup is that in order to remove the screws from the bottom of the drive attachment, you need to have access to the bottom of the case. The included rubber pads on special screws hold all of the drives in place.


The main chamber is just large enough for the motherboard and the two side dusion with openings into the PSU and hard drive chambers for cable routing.

In order to make use of this feature, the power button is fed into the LCD panel, which is then connected to the motherboard with red and black cables individual connections.

To fully secure the hard drives in the case, a second piece is attached to the top of the drive with rubber grommeted screw holes, which is then itself fastened to the case with four screws.

The hard drives have their own little compartment at the front of the case, separated from the motherboard by a metal wall. The two large mm fans are on the right side and will pull quite a bit of air through the case; a lot of this air will come through the ventilation slots underneath the hard drives, thus helping to keep them cool.

Here is what they have to say about themselves. Antec is a name that most have heard before.