For multipage documents remove the document andtap the edge of the stack on a flat surface to even the edges. Press 5 four more times. You may want to print a list of the numbers and names you store under the Coded Speed Dial codes, and post the list near the fax. Started Getting This chapter tells you how to unpack your Canon CFX-L and get it ready to send, receive, and print documents, and how to enter the user information. To adjust the paper cassette for A4 size paper, contact an authorized Canon facsimile Service Dealer. You only need the two screws with plugs provided.

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Enter text from picture: Messages Displayed During Sending’,: Removing Shipping Materials- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -Replaceable Parts The only component of the fax that should need regular service or replacement is the FX3 toner cartridge. J Press SET, then usethe search buttons to select menu items and sub- items. Setting Up Redialing You can set up the following for automatic redialing: Put the cartridge back into the fax.

Press SET twice, then use the numeric buttons to enter a name for the group. Customer Support Part 8, JlTroubleshooting. With the operation panel open, remove the document by pulling it up. Anyone can dial your fax and send a document. This is the default setting. Page – Printing a List of the Documents in Memo Document Requirements To prevent paper jams in the automatic document feeder ADFmake sure not to use any of the following with the fax: Once you know the transaction number of a fax in memory, you can print the fax, send it to another location, or delete it.


Once the paper jam is cleared, the document in memory will automatically be printed. For an overseas call, add pauses at the end of the registered number. See “Using the Fax with an Answering Machine” below for more information. Page 80 Leave a 4-second pause at the beginning of the message the l4050if second pause plus the outgoing message should not exceed a total of 15 seconds.

Close the printer door.

Canon Laser CFX-LIF Toner Cartridge – 2,Pages – QuikShip Toner

Lift the inner cover slightly and remove it from the fax by sliding it forward. Leave a 4-second pause at the beginning of the message the 4- second pause plus the outgoing message should not exceed a vfx of 15 seconds.

Caution Plug the fax back in. Page 50 Press 5 four more times.

CFX-L4500 IF

Page The toner is not yet fixed to the paper in this area; take care not to dirty yourself or the inside of the printer area. Displays selec- tions, text, and names when registering information.


Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Place the document face down on the automatic cqnon feeder ADFand gently insert it until it stops.

Handset You only need the two screws with plugs provided. It allows the fastest document transmission.

Canon Cfx-l If Plain Paper Laser Fax Multifunction | eBay

This information is called your TTl Transmit Terminal Identification and appears at the top of the faxed document in small type. You may want to’increase yourfax’s rne. Press SET twice, then’ the numeric bUttons ffx the name that goes with the number.

You can increase the fax’s memory by adding a 0.

Page When carrying the fax unit, do not lift it by the handset cradle as it may break. Gently pull out any jammed paper from the rear area being careful not to tear it.